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RP Fic - All The Small Things [Ash Williams/Elle Woods]

Title: All The Small Things
Fandom: RP-verse involving Evil Dead: The Musical and Legally Blonde: The Musical with a little bit of Re-Animator tossed in.
Paring: Ash Williams/Elle Woods
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sex, violence and Herbert West
Summary: A series in vignettes in the relationship of Elle and Ash
Notes: An early Christmas gift for chibijelly, one_more_cherry and gypsyjr. It takes place in our RP verse, so it may not make sense to anyone else.

Elle was gently wiping the Deadite blood off of Ash’s cheek with one of the handiwipes she kept in her purse for Bruiser. “You feeling alright?”

He winced as his double’s wife tied off a bandage on his arm. It had been quite the fight and Ash had gotten his arm cut up trying to make sure Elle didn’t get dragged off by a Deadite. “Been better.”

Elle smiled as she gently wrapped an arm around his shoulders and hugged him. “Thank you...”

She felt the metal hand on her back as Ash held onto her. “I didn’t want to lose you.”

“And you won’t,” she said, pressing a kiss to his lips.
“So you said you met him in therapy?”

Elle looked up at Pilar as she finished pouring a glass of wine for herself in the kitchen of Serena’s new place. They were having an unofficial Delta Nu reunion and most of her sisters were gathered around Ash as he told the story of the time the Deadites tried to invade their tailgate party. He conveniently left out the part where the female Ash collectively known as Whiskey had shot first and his other doubles had somehow made the grill blow up, but that didn’t matter. He had the girls of Delta Nu wrapped around his metal fingers.

“Yep,” she said, not even hesitating at keeping up their cover story. “We went out for coffee after one session and we just hit it off.”

The girls shrieked as Ash continued his story, but Elle saw them all lean in wanting more. Pilar just laughed. “Girl, you got yourself quite a catch there.”

Elle smiled as she watched him recount another story about Deadites at work. “Yeah, I know.”
There were more dignified places to cry.

Outside by your parent’s pool was not one of those dignified places.

Her parents didn’t approve of Ash and it killed her so much. They still expected her to marry into money. They didn’t say that part out loud, but Elle knew what her mother meant when she said she could do much better than a wage slave.

She felt something cold grip her shoulder and she looked up. It was Ash. She should have tried then to stop crying, but seeing him just made her cry even more.

Without saying a word, he sat down beside her and held her close as she cried into his shirt for what seemed like an eternity. When she had finally calmed down enough, she looked up at him through bleary eyes. “They don’t like you. I don’t know why they don’t like you. Well, okay, yeah, I do, but it’s such a stupid reason...”

“I know, kid,” he said, hugging her close. “But I ain’t dating you for them...”

She smiled a little and began to lean up to kiss him when her mother screeched from the house. An all too familiar guttural scream followed after. Ash and Elle looked at each other, knowing exactly what was going on.

“There should at least be weed whacker in the shed,” Elle said quickly without missing a beat. “Go quick!”

Time seemed to speed up after that. Even though it had to at least be a few minutes, it seemed like only mere seconds between Ash running to the gardening shed and heading back into the house to take on the Deadite formerly know as Consuela with the weed whacker on full power. Her parents' kitchen had been covered in green blood by the time it was through. Her dad tried to scream at Ash about killing their housekeeper and covering their kitchen in blood, but Elle quickly countered him. “If you can’t recognize the fact that the man I love just saved both you and Mom, I am walking out that door, finding a hotel, and not coming back in this house!”

Her parents shut up about Ash after that.
She had read about various bedroom accidents in Cosmo. She had even had a couple of her own.

However, she had never heard of a boyfriend accidentally scratching up their girlfriend’s hip with their metal hand during the throes of passion.

Until now, at least.

Elle tried her best not to wince in pain as Ash tried to clean it up. This usually wasn’t his bag, but they didn’t want to wake the others. Ash would never hear the end of it from his doubles anyway.

It seemed like every other word out of his mouth was some variation of an apology. Elle just kept quiet and clutched the sheet until...


She sat up a little to see her hip covered in bandages and Ash sitting on the floor looking rather dejected. She leaned over and kissed the top of his head. “Thanks, honey.”

Ash looked up at her and she enveloped him in a hug.

Which followed with another kiss. And another. And another. Pretty soon, Ash was back in the bed and holding himself over Elle.

This time, Ash kept his metal hand away from Elle’s hips.
They had been in a bit of a rough patch when Ash ended up in Arkham Asylum.

Lucky for him, she had been in Boston at the time.

She was grateful that Emmett had been willing to drive up to Arkham with her. While she still had a reputation left over from the Wyndham trial, she was still a law student that might have trouble convincing an asylum to release her boyfriend. A law student with a reputation and a lawyer who handled the divorce between Callahan and his wife though? They might stand a chance of getting him out before the night was over.

It took an hour of just being bounced around between various doctors before seeing the head and explaining the situation. Another half hour before they found Herbert. Another hour and a half of arguing with Dr. West before an agreement was finally reached to release Ash. Elle was glad that she didn’t have to pull an under the table blackmail tactic to get him out. There was a slim chance it could work against Herbert West, but if it didn’t, it could endanger her, Ash, and Emmett.

Another hour and Ash was back in their custody. He looked a little worse for wear and Elle wanted to hug him, but she had to pull off the stoic lawyer appearance.

The car ride back to Boston was quiet. Too quiet for Elle’s liking, but she wouldn’t break it now. Emmett was too tired to talk and this wasn’t the right place for a relationship conversation with Ash.

When they got back to Boston, Elle dropped Emmett at his apartment and let Ash in the front seat. Before they went anywhere, Ash took her hand and kissed it. “Thanks Elle. And I’m sorry being such a dumbass.”

Elle squeezed at his hand and kissed his cheek before starting the car again. “We’ll talk about us in the morning, but anytime...”
If finals weren’t already taking a toll on her, studying for the bar exam on top of that wasn’t helping much either. She had been worn out and grouchy and it made her feel horrible. She had accidentally taken it out on some of her friends as well as Ash.

She walked back into her dorm after a particularly stressful day (two tests, a bar exam study session and getting back a term paper from Emmett to revise for the 3rd time) when she spotted them.

A vase full of pink roses sitting on the edge of her desk. Bruiser sat in her chair wagging his tail and sporting a new collar. A smile grew on her face. “You look rather dashing, Bruiser. Did the person who left these give you that?”

He just barked as Elle plucked the note from the flowers. Inside, it read:

Good Luck, babe. Love you.


In an instant, Elle felt a little less grouchy.
By some miracle (or just a lot of coercing and taking extra classes), Elle had managed to graduate on time. She even got to speak at her graduation.

Just the sheer fact she had graduated called for a party. Lucky for her, her dad knew some people who could rent out a really nice Massachusetts country club to them the day after her graduation.

Everyone she could think of was there. Every version of the Williams (“Remarkable family resemblance! Even in the Fitzwilliam family!”), all of her classmates, Paulette’s growing family, her Delta Nus, her parents, Brooke and her new man, and even Emmett and his new girlfriend.

Everything was going swimmingly. Her dad was being downright friendly to Ash, Emily was absolutely enamored with little Elle and Eileen, and Vivianne had managed to get into a rather peculiar conversation with the older Ash about vintage handguns. Brooke had asked her about taking a job with her again and Enid kept asking if Whiskey was single. It kind of broke Elle’s heart to tell her no.

She went to go refill her glass when Ash snook up on her and planted a kiss on her neck. She jumped a little, but fell back into his embrace when she realized who it was. “You ever gonna stop sneaking up on me?”

“You love it,” he said, hugging her closer to him.

“A little.”

“Got a present for you.”

Elle looked up at him before turning around. “Really? What did you get me then? Or are you gonna make me guess?”

There was a smile on his face as he took one of her hands in his good hand. “Remember when we first met?”

Elle looked at him rather curiously. “Yeah...you were grouchy and I had to wipe your face down with a handiwipe I keep for Bruiser. Why do you ask?”

“Trying to prove a point, I guess,” he said, shifting his weight around. “I guess I’m just saying that you’ve been there for me since day one.”

He looked down at his feet and Elle reached over to touch his cheek. “Honey, what are you trying to say?”

He squeezed at her hand before reaching into his pocket with his metal hand. “It’s not much...but...”

Ash removed his hand and held a ring up to her. It was simple, but gorgeous. Elle covered her mouth and looked up at him. “Omigod! Ash, are you...”

Before she could finish, he quickly dropped to one knee and looked up at her with a hopeful and nervous smile. “Marry me, Elle? Unless you’re already tired of all of this.”

Elle laughed as she felt tears well up in her eyes. No, she wasn’t sick of it. Even with the bad that existed in Ash’s life, she could think of several moments that made it worth it. Whether it was as big as saving her life or small things like leaving her roses during finals and holding her while she cried, those things easily outweighed being hounded by demons.

She had her answer.

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